International Justice Development brings an exceptional track record of operational and strategic impact and improvement, often in the most challenging environments. Combining the power and flexibility of the private sector with a genuine public service ethos, we can work both independently and in partnership to deliver meaningful change.

With exceptionally successful backgrounds as senior operational prosecutors, building a global network of justice advisors with the Crown Prosecution Service of England and Wales, our leadership team has unique experience of almost two decades – delivering justice development globally for governments, policy makers, judges, prosecutors and law enforcement as a trusted partner of the UK Government. Offering an unrivalled network of world class expertise and partnerships in the private sector, IJD provides the highest quality analysis, advice and delivery however complex or specific the issues.  


Patrick Stevens – Rule of Law Director

Patrick is an internationally renowned leader in justice development and delivery with two decades of unrivalled experience. After leading some of the UK’s most sensitive and serious terrorism cases in the unprecedented period immediately post 9/11, Patrick helped set up and lead the Crown Prosecution Service’s (CPS) International Division for over a decade. As the CPS’s first International Director, Patrick developed a global network of justice advisors and international engagement that delivered strategic and operational Rule of Law improvement at the heart of the UK’s national security effort worldwide.

Patrick has a unique mix of operational and policy making experience in the field of international justice. Representing the UK Government, he personally led delivery across all major crime threats in over fifty jurisdictions. He is an expert in identifying, agreeing and delivering solutions to complex justice issues and is highly trusted by justice leaders worldwide as a partner of choice. A polished public performer, adept at creating consensus and momentum, Patrick is comfortable managing the mix of politics, policy and operational requirements and is at home at both the most senior levels as he is at the practical working level.

He is a senator of the International Association of Prosecutors, a Palace Playmaker (an Ambassador for the community charity of Crystal Palace FC) and a member of the Access to Remedy Initiative.

Mark Carroll O.B.E – Criminal Justice Director

Mark is an outcome-driven individual with strong communication skills and a proven track record of effective collaboration with domestic and international partners in relation to the investigation and prosecution of serious organised crime, transnational crime, corruption, cybercrime, terrorism and in the delivery of criminal justice reform initiatives. 

Mark has worked extensively as a justice advisor for the UK government in countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya and Seychelles, drafting legislation and codes of procedure, devising and delivering comprehensive training programmes, mentoring prosecutors and assisting to build capacity to tackle terrorism, corruption and organised crime. 

As a specialist prosecutor within the Counter Terrorism Division of the Crown Prosecution Service of England and Wales, Mark prosecuted some of the most sensitive and complex terrorism cases in recent UK history and was also the national prosecution lead for cyberterrorism. 

More recently, Mark has designed and delivered training courses for prosecutors and judges on terrorism and forensic evidence in Indonesia, on illicit financial flows in Pakistan, cybercrime and crypto-currency in Tunisia, on leadership and management for prosecutors in Ukraine, and on mutual legal assistance in Libya.  He has served as the prosecution advisor and delivery manager for the Counterterrorism Associated Prosecution Reform Initiative Programme in Pakistan and as prosecutor advisor to the Anti-Corruption Commission and criminal justice advisor to the British High Commission in Seychelles.   

Mark was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (O.B.E.) for Services to Rule of Law in Afghanistan in 2012.  He holds an LLB Hons and an LLM in Criminal Litigation and Sentencing.